Reach NRI Services


Medical Assistance

1.   What is your approach to Medical Assistance?

Reach NRI Medical Assistance includes a wide range of healthcare services that are provided at your home in India. People recovering from surgery or with specific health challenges or a chronic condition or disability are cared for by our well-trained professional team of nurses and medical professionals.

2.   What services does Reach NRI Medical Assistance include?

Reach NRI Medical Assistance offers a wide range of services to the loved ones of NRI clients here in India. We offer nursing care for aged people with medical conditions, ranging from basic caring like basic health checkup, post-surgery care, rehabilitation care and other therapeutic care like physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. We also offer assistive care services for self-care needs and household tasks. We also offer medical appointment fixing and follow-up, including commuting the client to the corresponding medical centers.

3.   How are these services paid?

Reach NRI accepts direct payments only for most of the healthcare services rendered. But, with you availing our Insurance services for healthcare under various categories, we may coordinate with our corresponding insurance partners appointed for your insurance needs and accept reimbursement from such insurance partners only where ever applicable.

4.   How do you ensure I receive excellent care?

At Reach NRI, we work with highest professional ethics and safety standards. Every Reach NRI staff member is supervised by a registered nurse (RN) or clinical managers who are also verified by us. We collaborate with the best medical professionals in the industry that are obliged to maintain high quality standards and also provide education to our caring teams.

5.   How do you hire your caregivers?

Reach NRI verifies the work history, education, and credentials buy conducting thorough background checks. Our medical partners are the best in the industry. However, they undergo a strict interview process, and skills assessments before hiring them. We only hire those that demonstrate superior excellence and commitment in their work.

Property Management

1.   What is a property management service?

It involves taking care of all your property needs. The services include dark site management, rental assistance, and real estate buying and selling.

2.   What service is part of your property management?

In property management, we take care of protecting and maintaining your vacant, unoccupied plots and buildings. We assist with advertising your property for rent, find the right tenant, and attend to all maintenance needs for them. We also handle rent collection, lease renewal, and paying electricity bills, water, and property tax. We also offer real estate buying and selling service.

3.   Will you collect rent as cash?

No. But in exceptional cases, we directly ask the tenant to make an online money transfer to your bank account.

4.   How do you collect the rent?

Our staff visits your tenant to collect the rent as a check. We maintain a record of this every month. We will deposit the check in your account within the following two working days.

5.   How will I know if you have collected the rent?

Once the rent is collected, we send a mail to you with the check details and the deposit date. As soon as the account is credited, we document an acknowledgment in the client file.


1.   How much life insurance should I own as an NRI?

According to the life insurance regulations, an amount of life insurance equal to 6 to 8 times your annual earning is advisable. However, there are others factors that should be considered to calculate the right amount of life insurance for you and your family.

2.   What is your approach to Insurance management?

We work on a framework that emphasizes on quality, value and diversification. We are flexible with our management models and focus on what we identify as the best aspects of each model.

3.   How is your research team built up and how do you make decisions?

Our research team consists of professionals that ensure a disciplined well-iterated decision making strategy.

4.   How do you impact my decision making process?

We work with professional financial analysts and our team collaborates and follows-up with them to conduct high quality, independent, fundamental research. We ensure to offer cost effective insurance solutions for our clients.

Tour Arrangements

1.   What does Reach NRI Tour Arrangements services do?

Our Tour Arrangement Services are intended to simplify your life in every way possible. We utilize the vast experience and knowledge of our savvy partners in the travel and hospitality industry to find information, services and products to facilitate your travel and daily life activities.

Our Tour Arrangement Services include:

- Travel and Tour Packages
- Pilgrim Packages
- Transport Reservations
- Passport Renewal
- Visa services
- Traveling and ticketing

2.   Who provides Reach NRI Tour Arrangement Services?

At Reach NRI, we have a well-trained team that is all set to handle your requests round-the-clock. Our team includes tour operators, travel agents, booking agents, travel advisors, and travel insurance agents and immigration experts.

3.   Do I need to pay for your consultation?

Our Concierge Services are for complex trip planning that requires follow-ups like arranging a tour package, reserving airplane tickets, passport, and visa services. After receiving your request, we will get back to you with the best-customized plan for your needs. The charges vary based on the package we offer.

4.   Should I pay for a general consultation?

Our team is always available to answer your doubts, free of charge. You are welcome to contact us at any time for general queries regarding travel plans and guidelines. You can submit your request via our email. We will review and get back in touch with you in the next 48 hours of receiving your request.

5.   Why Reach NRI Tour Arrangement Services?

Our combined expertise makes us your one-stop solution for all your daily needs from running regular errands, fixing a home cooked meal, grocery shopping to more bigger needs like arranging a tour package or your annual vacation back home to India or the travel of your loved ones from India to where you live. We do it all.

Buying and selling of lands

1.   How will you maintain the client records?

We maintain a hard copy for individual clients to store receipts, deposit acknowledgement, and other bills. We maintain a soft copy of all the hard copy documents. We scan them and store as soft copy. We will send the soft copies to the client via email.

2.   Do you offer Encumbrance Certificate (EC ) services?

Yes. We keep track of the EC status on your behalf every year to verify about unnecessary intrusions and risks.

Land Registrations

1.   Can I purchase or sell a property in India while I am living abroad?

Yes. NRIs can buy or sell a property in India.

2.   Should I be present before the consulate in India to register my land?

No. You don’t have to be in India to sign before the consulate in person. As an NRI, you can invest through your representative in India with a power of attorney to act on your behalf.

3.   How will you get my signature for the approval of the registration documents while I am living abroad?

You have to sign the power of attorney before a consulate officer or a notary in India. The signature on the deed has to be attested by the consulate officer or notary. It will be sent to you and you have to sign all pages of the deed. You then have to send it back to India and thereafter it will be presented for adjudication within three months. Adjudication is a method of paying proper stamp duty for a power of attorney.

Building Maintenance

1.   Do you provide household management services in my area?

Please check with us while you get in touch with us.

2.   How soon can I book for a house cleaning service?

We are available year round. But as we will be occupied during festival seasons, it is advisable that you get in touch with us well beforehand to make sure we will be able to assist you. If you book your requirement, you can expect us to reach you in a week from the date of the agreement.

3.   Is it necessary that I have to be home while you work on the property?

No, you can leave us to it. We will send you real-time updates upon the progress of the work done at your property.

4.   When will charge me for your services?

You will have to pay the full amount prior to the start of the service to secure the appointed date.

5.   Do you accept payment via Credit Card?

Yes. We accept credit card payments only for one-time cleaning.

6.   Should I prepare the property before you come?

You can leave everything to us except the adequate power and water supply as these are mandatory for any work. Make sure you can offer access to these amenities for us to work on your property.