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All You Need to Know About NRI Property Management Services in India

Are you an NRI wanting to landscape your garden, design your own topiary or set up a gazebo set up in your garden, hidden among a bed of roses at your property back home, whilst you’re settled far-off in Australia or Canada? The challenges of both an NRI buying property in India, as well as NRI renting a property in India, can be daunting in itself. Here’s a blog we’ve have compiled to enable you understand what NRI property managem...

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Tips for NRI Before Travelling to India

Incredible India is a popular tourist destination for those who are living abroad. When it comes to NRIs, their reason for visiting India is multiple. Millions of Nri travel to India every year to meet their family. It is essential to plan for your trip to India to fulfil your to-do list before departure. This article will offer you some tips to help you plan before travelling to India. Tips for NRI tours in India 1)Choose your tr...

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NRIs Can Buy Insurance Services in India, but Here’s What They Should Know

If you an NRI looking to purchase a policy, do you need to be physically present in India? Not necessarily. An NRI can easily go for any policy abroad. However, in some cases, it is preferable to purchase any NRI insurance plans whilst you’re in India.  Thanks to theForeign Exchange Management Act that makes it possible for NRIs and Person of Indian Origin (PIOs) now to purchase insurance products in India. This blog covers a brief ...

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Image of Indian passport

How Can NRI Renew a Passport in India?

A passport is essentially an irrefutable travel document to enter into foreign countries. There are over 32 million NRIs and 65 million Passport holders in India. It may be slightly Anxiety inducing when you are unsure about the passport renewal process, especially when living abroad. This article will help you with the necessary details about How NRI can renew their passport in India. There are two ways to renew an Indian passport for ...

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Why Should NRIs Invest in India?

India is on the road towards becoming the fastest growing world economy. According to statistics, the Rate of Indian Investors soared to 10.4 million in 2020. India is one of the most preferred spots for Foreign Investors because of its flexible foreign direct investment policies and Reliable workforce. In this article, You will discover Why NRIs should invest in India. Why should NRI invest in India? 1)Currency Value Although the...

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NRI Guide to Buying Property in India

The corona virus pandemic has not been so good on us. However, the flip side is that in India a section of people have turned their attention towards the real estate market. Why not? The pandemic and its aftermath has forced several industries and business organisations to wind up and down their shutters. Against the backdrop of this, several potential clients in India and overseas, especially the Non Residential Indians (NRIs) have turned...

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How Can NRI’s Manage Their Property in India?

You’re a software professional working in the US, staying there for several decades.  You’ve been away from India for quite a while and hold a US passport.  An extensive traveler, you have created substantial assets abroad, and now wanted to spend quality time with your ageing parents. Back home, your parents had bought properties over the years. However, maintaining properties and following them up with the tenants and vendo...

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Best NRI Services in Coimbatore

According to a survey, Over 2.5 million (25 lakhs) Indians migrate overseas every year. With the complex migration policies and the extreme travel expenses, It is hard to keep track of your property and the wellness of your loved ones in India, After your migration.  Reach Nri Services recognized this problem, and it has created a solution to solve all these hurdles. Let's see the highlights of the Reach Nri Services. Why Rea...

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Woman working from home

Remote Working can Result in Tax Liability for an NRI and PE Exposure for their Employer

In the corporate and financial sector in India, hither to the coronavirus pandemic, taxation for NRI was not a highly debated subject for various reasons. The coronavirus pandemic has made the global workforce embrace the work from home (WFH) culture. The WFH culture has created many-a-challenges for the organizations who have employed foreign nationals and for the individual who is employed by the global company. With nations closing bord...

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Can NRI Buy Property in India?

NRIs looking to buy a property anywhere in India should be clear about the legal provisions, including NRI property transactions and tax laws, pertaining to the ownership or purchase of immovable property in India under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). NRIs can buy any number of property in India, and there are no restrictions as such. NRIs and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) are considered at par when it comes to investing in r...

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nri investment services

How NRI can Invest in India

Being an NRI, investments in India can help grow your finance, multiply your assets, and plan for early retirement. Higher interest rates and diversification makes India a suitable place for NRI investments. This article will help you to learn about the different investment options available in India. Different options for NRI Investments in India 1)Direct Equity Investments 2)Mutual Fund Investments 3)Real Estate Investment...

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nri selling property

NRI’s Guide to Selling Property in India

If you’re an NRI, there are a number of investment plans for you. A point to note here is that financial planning for NRIs is no different from that of a resident Indian except for a few points. It is important for an NRI to understand these differences so as to make an informed decision when investing back home. A caveat here is finding the right financial advisor or NRI services firm that help manage your investment enabling it to grow...

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Taking care of elder parents

Caring for Elderly Parents Overseas

As indicated by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Report, more than 32 Million NRIs are living out of India. While moving to another country to upgrade your profession can be stunning.  Considering leaving your parents can be Frustrating.  Once in a while, Depressing about this might prevent you from Taking those intense advances which are urgent for your vocation. We have you covered!  In this article, you wi...

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How to Sell Property in India from Abroad

It may be Frustrating If you are an Indian, Who settled abroad and planning to sell your property In India. We understand your travail. This article will help you to comprehend the process of selling your property in India From Abroad. Documents needed to sell your property in India from abroad 1. Passport- It acts as identification Proof for the individual involved in the transaction. 2. PAN Card- It is required if one intends to...

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NRI Selling Property

How NRI Sell Property in India?

NRI can  buy all types of properties except a farm house, an agricultural land or a plantation property. However, to either of those properties that are tax exempted in India, they need to get the approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government. The RBI has granted permission to banks and housing finance companies that are registered with the National Housing Bank to offer loans to NRIs for purchasing residential properti...

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NRI Buy Property in India

Documents Required for NRI to Buy Property in India

The simplified property rates and eased investment norms have attracted countless NRI-s to invest in Indian Real Estate. According to the Financial Express Report, NRI-s has invested $13.3 billion in Indian Real Estate Market in the Financial Year 2021. The NRI property investment process might be confusing. If you are an NRI and looking to buy a property in India, This article will help you to figure out the essential steps to move forwar...

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NRI Parent Health

How to Take Care of Parents in India When You are Abroad?

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Report, over 32 Million NRIs are living outside India. While moving abroad to power up your educational skills and enhance your career can be jaw-dropping. Thinking of leaving your parents can be traumatizing. Sometimes, Depressing about this may stop you from Taking those bold steps which are crucial for your career. We have got your back! In this article, you will find a few tips...

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Care for Elders in India

How Do NRIs Care for the Elderly in India?

Though nothing in this world can alternate the availability of their NRI children at home, elderly parents of NRIs are living up to the reality of life, and look up to the following requirements that can be catered from abroad. Health care: This covers regular check-ups, house calls, in house nursing and special care as and when required. An emergency situation involving an elderly parent may not only send anxiety waves due to no...

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Taxes for NRI in India

How is Income Tax for Indian Residents Working Abroad?

An NRI’s income taxes in India are based upon his or her residential status for the year. If your status, let’s say, is resident, your global income is certainly taxable in India. If you hold an ‘NRI’ status, your income which is accrued or earned in India is taxable. Salary that is received in India or salary for services offered in India, capital gains on asset transfer located in India, income from a house property located in In...

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Agriculture Land

Can NRI Buy Agricultural Land in India?

There is an old adage that there are some things that money can’t buy. Expounding the thought further, NRIs cannot purchase land in India. Not without the prior permission of the RBI, and they need to make an application with respect to the purchase of land to RBI, under the Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018. A lot of NRIs dre...

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Taxation in India

Tips for NRI Returning to India

We have some bad news as well as good news for the returning NRIs. The bad news is 90% of NRI investors have no idea of what proper financial planning is. And the good news is that returning NRIs can now learn how to do it right with professional NRI Service Providers in India. As an NRI returning to India, you need to make an informed decision to do the right financial planning. First, any NRI should understand the Income Tax implicati...

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Property management in India

Buying Property in India from USA

Living an NRI life is different. NRIs are simply labelled as a bunch of people who live abroad. NRIs can be broadly divided into categories: The Never Return to India and The Now Return to India. Unfortunately, most NRIs abroad are stuck in a vicious cycle of wealth and social pressures, and unable to break free of the social barriers and come back home.  This said NRIs feel that making property investments in India can offer lucrativ...

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care for elder people

How to Take Care of Old Parents in India from USA?

A report by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in 2020 points that the number of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs & PIOs) living outside India stands at around 31 million, and around 4.46 million in the US. Though the elderly parents left by the NRIs based in the US lead a decent lifestyle back home, their NRI children live under the constant fear of leaving their parents behind. Most elderly and the senior citizens prefer to stay ba...

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NRI parents care

Services for NRI Parents in India

Indian NRIs have to confront the pressing issue of leaving their parents, mostly age-old and senior citizens, behind. Whilst leaving a prosperous career or lucrative job abroad might not seem like a good idea, one cannot abdicate his/her responsibility of caring enough for their parents. NRI parents care from afar Is there anything that can replace the care and support of children besides them at an advanced age? However, there are b...

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Top 5 NRI Services

Top 5 NRI Services To Look For In 2021

The NRI Services industry is one of the most popular industries much sought after by NRIs around the world for various reasons. They have a lifestyle that gives them access to demonstrate their power as hardworking NRIs. On the other hand, they have a hard time accepting they are unable to attend to their loved ones or be present for their loved ones back in their home country or to be able to take care of their aged parents or to make exc...

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