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Reach NRI services in India is a leading one of a kind professional NRI Managed Services Company. We offer holistic and personalized services for NRI clients. Reach NRI is a proud venture of Starline, a market leader in customer service, and travel-oriented services for nearly 40 years. 

Reach NRI Services has Genesis from 60 Years old Lakshmi Group Coimbatore.

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Medical Assistance

NRI Family Health

Reach NRI offers superior in-home care for your family in India. With R...
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NRI Property Management

Reach NRI offers best-in-class residential and commercial property management services aimed at maximizing asset value. Our ...
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Other NRI Services

We are offering a bouquet of services to the NRI community as detailed below.

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All You Need to Know About NRI Property Management Services in India

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Are you an NRI wanting to landscape your garden, design your own topiary or set up a gazebo set up in your garden, hidden among a bed of roses at your property back home, whilst you’re settled far-off in Australia or Canada? The challenges of both an NRI buying property in India, as well as NRI renting a property in India, can be daunting in itself. Here’s a blog we’ve have compiled to enable you understand what NRI property managem...

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