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How Can NRI Renew a Passport in India?

How Can NRI Renew a Passport in India?

A passport is essentially an irrefutable travel document to enter into foreign countries. There are over 32 million NRIs and 65 million Passport holders in India. It may be slightly Anxiety inducing when you are unsure about the passport renewal process, especially when living abroad. This article will help you with the necessary details about How NRI can renew their passport in India.

There are two ways to renew an Indian passport for NRI.

 How can Nri renew their passport in India? 

If you are an NRI currently in India, The passport renewal process follows the same process as applying for a new passport.

You can follow the steps below to complete the process at the Passport Seva Kendra portal.

  1. Login with your details. Once logged in, select Renewal/Reissue Service when submitting your information.
  2. Indicate the type of application and complete the online application form.
  3. You can apply for a Passport under the Apply Anywhere scheme; however, check for the availability of slots.
  4. Make an appointment at your nearest passport Seva center based on the available time slots.
  5.  Finish your application to confirm your appointment.
  6.  Take the printed receipt with you, along with your other supporting documents , during your appointment.

How can Nri renew their passport in India (NRIs Abroad)

If you are an NRI and currently living out of India and your passport is approaching the expiration date, you can get your Passport for NRI renewed with the following steps in this online portal.

  1. By selecting the Missions abroad option, you will be redirected to the Passport Seva portal.
  2. with the "Register" option, you can register as a new user.
  3. Then, use your ID and password to log in.
  4. To submit a new application, Find the option in Applicant Home Page
  5. After successfully applying, print a copy of the online submitted form. Please note that some of the columns in the form have to be filled out by hand.
  6. You will get the schedule of your appointment on a specific date and time
  7. You can then visit the Embassy/Consulate on the scheduled date to finish the process

Documents Required for passport renewal for NRI.

The following is the list of passport reissue documents required during your visit to the Indian Mission or the Passport Seva Kendra for the reissue of your passport.

  • The Existing passport.
  • Educational Proof 
  • permanent address proof (Indian address)
  • If you've recently gotten married or are already married, you'll need a marriage certificate.
  • Your travel tickets for Tatkal.
  • Proof of overseas address- the most recent utility invoice, residence pass, etc.

 If there is any change in your name or address, You may need to submit additional documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the fee for a passport in India?

There will be no charges if you renew your Indian passport in India. However, if you use the services of an Indian Mission, a High Commission, or a Consulate in another country, they may charge you service fees in the local currency. 

2)As an NRI, can I renew my expired passport in India?

Yes, NRI can renew their expired passport by following the above steps.

3)Can I renew my passport before it expires?

You can renew your Indian passport one year before it expires.

4)Can I renew the passport after the Expiration date?

You cannot renew the passport after the expiration date. However, You can apply for a reissue of your Indian passport after the expiration date. There will be a change in your passport number in the reissue of your passport.

5)How can I renew my passport while living abroad?

You can apply for the passport renewal in the online portal and complete the process by visiting the Indian consulate in the residing country.