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Travel and Ticketing

Reach NRI collaborates with the world’s best leaders in the travel industry to offer our NRI clients a comprehensive portfolio of tourism and travel services for them and their families in India. We capitalize on our vast knowledge and experience gained in over 40 years under our Starline Travels brand to offer an unsurpassed experience to our clients. Capitalizing on unique relationships, insider knowledge & industry relationships, we offer a range of travel services with customized management options.

With assistance from lifestyle and hospitality partners, Reach NRI is now a leading travel management provider to NRIs living in over 100 countries around the world and to their families here in India.

We can take care of anything from private aviation to booking regular flights for NRIs and their loved ones. Our services give clients access to a range of travel and hospitality experts in-house, right where they are.

With our domestic and international travel services, our NRI clients and their families can a full suite of travel management services, all tailored to their needs and interests.

Why Reach NRI Travel Management?
– Comprehensive portfolio of aviation services and other forms of travel that saves dollars
– Connections in the travel and lifestyle industry allows Reach NRI to maintain a competitive edge while offering NRI clients a unique experience with exclusive offers and frequent flyer savings that can be utilized in many ways while they travel
– Availability 24 hours a day, throughout the year
– Special post-pandemic travel options for NRIs and their families
– Local knowledge and global connections in over 100 countries with a vast network of domestic and international partners.

Our Travel Management Services include:
– Travel and Tour Packages
– Pilgrim Packages
– Transport Reservations
– Airline Booking
– Airline Frequent Flyer Management

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