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How to Take Care of Old Parents in India from USA?

How to Take Care of Old Parents in India from USA?

A report by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in 2020 points that the number of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs & PIOs) living outside India stands at around 31 million, and around 4.46 million in the US. Though the elderly parents left by the NRIs based in the US lead a decent lifestyle back home, their NRI children live under the constant fear of leaving their parents behind.

Most elderly and the senior citizens prefer to stay back at home, as their NRI children, especially in the US, dread the idea of making them stay with them due to job security and financial constraints. Furthermore, NRI parents in India are used to being independent in their own domicile, not wanting to miss their network of friends, relatives and social circle. More important perhaps? Though they try to manage their own needs appreciably well, the fact remains that they’re yet home alone, aged, and have to manage things by themselves. 

Though associations and old-age homes make up for the unavailability of their children, care for the elderly at home can be challenging given that the left-behind NRI parents are already suffering from the maladies of painful separation and lack of physical security and emotional support. Many senior citizens are finding age-old homes a haven for medical facilities and care. But is that just enough? Advancing age and the loss of a certain range of motor functions necessitate greater care.  

It’s really tough for lonely parents to relinquish the level of comfort usually enjoyed at home. This is where professionally managed services for NRI parents can come into the picture. With a deeper understanding of the problems faced by NRI parents, these firms offer personalized services in several areas including healthcare, property management, travel services, finance and insurance areas. NRI parents care will prove crucial in the coming years with these service providers visiting them frequently and ensuring their safety and well-being. Are you an NRI from the US who want your parents in India to be taken good care of and professionally managed? With Reach NRI services, you’re at home.