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NRI’s Guide to Selling Property in India

NRI’s Guide to Selling Property in India

If you’re an NRI, there are a number of investment plans for you. A point to note here is that financial planning for NRIs is no different from that of a resident Indian except for a few points. It is important for an NRI to understand these differences so as to make an informed decision when investing back home. A caveat here is finding the right financial advisor or NRI services firm that help manage your investment enabling it to grow.

With the global economy now riding a roller-coaster, a lot many NRIs are feeling insecure about where they invest and the various investment options available back home. Ideally, the factors that dictate the various investment plans including total financial security and big returns.  There are other plans that are suitable for NRIs including shares or public new issues, secondary market equity shares, NRO domestic funds, bank deposits, mutual funds via inward remittance or through CNR/NRE/NRO accounts, and through bonds and partnership firms, in addition to real estate or immovable properties. In other words, deciding on one or more investment plans isn’t just good enough but those that fetch maximum ROI. Points to consider: Account for investments, investment point, investment and applicable taxes.

Direct Equity:

Direct Equity is an ideal investment scheme for an NRI. But what matters here is the investment time limit, ROI, and associated risks in line with long-term goals. One of the biggest advantages in direct equities is that there is no cap limiting NRI investment.

Mutual Fund Investment:

Mutual Fund Investment is a comparatively safe bet if you’re an inexperienced NRI investor. While looking to invest in mutual funds, the investor needs to check out whether the investment option is open in the USA or Canada. Checking regulations for house parties is important here. The flip side, however, is growth prospects are limited before the investor actually achieves ROI.

Investment in Real Estate:

Investment in real estate can pay dividends big time, whether an NRI investor is letting out a home, an apartment or a commercial property for either rent or lease. By the way, investing in real estate properties is an excellent way to generate extra income. There are several home loan options available for foreign residents which can be utilized so as to secure a property with the bigger picture in mind.

Though many NRI’s are of the idea that there aren’t any proper investment options available in India, those who’ve invested in one or more of the options mentioned above have made a considerable return on investment.

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