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NRI Property Management

NRI Property Management

Reach NRI offers best-in-class residential and commercial property management services aimed at maximizing asset value. Our vast experience in property management services for NRIs have enabled us to have a holistic view to deliver results on behalf of NRI investors who rely on our expertise for their asset investment and management.

Reach NRI’s vertically integrated operations team includes a centralized design and customer service team. Our team oversees all residential and commercial property requirements, generating income out of the properties by handling rental management, saving maintenance costs over properties by timely maintenance and utility services, and increasing buying power over the best properties for investment.

Reach NRI cross-trains its staff in both global hospitality and property management best practices, resulting in a unique customer experience that combines the best qualities of asset management and improvement.

What Makes Us Different?

Our holistic approach, with on-time, cost-effective services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your properties across India, making us unique in the industry of NRI Property Management.

What We Offer?

Dark Site Management Services

At Reach NRI, we understand the importance of high-quality, reliable property management services for all properties, specifically for vacant properties.

Our goal is to ensure your asset does not lose value or fall out of compliance with state or local authorities. Our plot monitoring team makes sure your vacant lands, individual and multiple housing communities, residential apartments, and commercial buildings are always under our radar for year-round protection.

Our Dark Site Management Services Include:


– Landscaping – Gardening
– Painting
– Parking Lot Sweeping and Repair


– Seasonal Building Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance
– Plumbing
– Carpentry
– Floor Polishing and Maintenance
– Electrical Maintenance
– Pest Control
– Utility Inspections
– and so much more.

NRI Real Estate Investment Services

Our investment strategy includes identifying opportunities that have the best low-risk returns. We execute our strategies through our diligent, internal property, and capital improvement teams.

Our model uses internal and external real estate survey data to identify the potential urban and suburban properties. We concentrate on the economic diversity, robust employment, population growth, and favorable supply and demand dynamics for maximum productivity.

Our NRI Real Estate Investment Services Include:

– Land Registration
– Property Registration
– Site Visits
– Property Listing and Marketing
– Document Preparation and Processing
– Property Value Estimation

NRI Rental Property Management Services

We take care of the rental and leasing out needs for all kinds of properties, including vacant plots, residential buildings, commercial buildings, apartments, warehouses, and parking lots.

Our NRI Rental Property Management Services Include:

– Rental Price Analysis
– Property Listing
– Advertising
– Marketing
– Tenant Matching
– Site Visit Representation
– Real-time Status Updation
– Monthly Maintenance and Rent Collection



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Buying and selling of lands

1.How will you maintain the client records?

We maintain a hard copy for individual clients to store receipts, deposit acknowledgement, and other bills. We maintain a soft copy of all the hard copy documents. We scan them and store as soft copy. We will send the soft copies to the client via email.

2.Do you offer Encumbrance Certificate (EC ) services? 

Yes. We keep track of the EC status on your behalf every year to verify unnecessary intrusions and risks.


Land Registrations

1.Can I purchase or sell a property in India while I am living abroad?

Yes. NRIs can buy or sell a property in India. Should I be present before the consulate in India to register my land? No. You don’t have to be in India to sign before the consulate in person. As an NRI, you can invest through your representative in India with a power of attorney to act on your behalf.

2.How will you get my signature for the approval of the registration documents while I am living abroad?

You have to sign the power of attorney before a consulate officer or a notary in India. The signature on the deed has to be attested by the consulate officer or notary. It will be sent to you and you have to sign all pages of the deed. You then have to send it back to India and thereafter it will be presented for adjudication within three months. Adjudication is a method of paying proper stamp duty for a power of attorney. 


Building Maintenance

1.Do you provide household management services in my area?

Please check with us while you get in touch with us. 

2.How soon can I book a house cleaning service?

We are available year round. But as we will be occupied during festival seasons, it is advisable that you get in touch with us well beforehand to make sure we will be able to assist you. If you book your requirement, you can expect us to reach you in a week from the date of the agreement.

3.Is it necessary that I have to be home while you work on the property?

No, you can leave us to it. We will send you real-time updates upon the progress of the work done at your property. 

4.When will charge me for your services?

You will have to pay the full amount prior to the start of the service to secure the appointed date.

5.Do you accept payment via Credit Card?

Yes. We accept credit card payments only for one-time cleaning.

6.Should I prepare the property before you come?

You can leave everything to us except the adequate power and water supply as these are mandatory for any work. Make sure you can offer access to these amenities for us to work on your property.

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