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Tips for NRI Before Travelling to India

Tips for NRI Before Travelling to India

Incredible India is a popular tourist destination for those who are living abroad. When it comes to NRIs, their reason for visiting India is multiple. Millions of Nri travel to India every year to meet their family. It is essential to plan for your trip to India to fulfil your to-do list before departure.

This article will offer you some tips to help you plan before travelling to India.

Tips for NRI tours in India

1)Choose your travel destination

India is a popular tourist destination for Nri travel. There are more than a thousand tourist destinations in India with different themes. It is essential to pick your tourist destinations in advance for spending your time leisurely with your family after reaching India.

Popular Tourist destinations in India for NRI tours 

  • Leh
  • Manali
  • Ooty
  • Kodaikanal
  • Rajasthan
  • Delhi
  • Coorg

2)Currency Transfer 

Before your trip, transfer funds from your local bank account to your Indian bank account (or relatives'). Currency exchange rates at the airport are significantly higher. After reaching India, you can go to the bank to withdraw some cash using a debit card (Using your foreign debit/credit card abroad usually incurs an additional fee). 

3)Simplify your luggage

Baggage allowance is another factor that can influence international air travel, though it is likely to be somewhat low on a domestic flight. However, it is preferable to thoroughly check the baggage specifications, such as size dimensions, with the tour operator/operator or airlines.

4)Opt for Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers risks that may arise during a trip, such as the loss of a passport and personal belongings, as well as the loss of checked-in baggage. For NRI travel, Travel insurance is crucial. 

It can give you more peace of mind and an additional layer of security in the event of an accident, unexpected medical emergencies or cancellations, and theft or loss of your luggage, among other things. Don't overlook this step when planning your next trip to India. 

5) Follow Covid protocols

It is necessary to follow covid protocols while travelling to India for a safe and hassle-free trip during this pandemic. It is crucial to upload a negative RT-PCR report before your trip. Depending upon the country and airline, the guidelines may change. Make sure to verify them in the authorised source before your trip. A vaccine certificate is not mandatory for NRI tours in India. However, It is best to get fully vaccinated to protect yourself from the pandemic.

6) Protect your Travel documents

Travel documents are crucial for your arrival and departure. Always keep multiple copies of essential documents such as flight tickets, passports, credit/debit cards, bank documents, and various ID proofs on hand. Having several copies will avoid unnecessary hurdles that may arise during Journey.

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