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Top 5 NRI Services To Look For In 2021

Top 5 NRI Services To Look For In 2021

The NRI Services industry is one of the most popular industries much sought after by NRIs around the world for various reasons. They have a lifestyle that gives them access to demonstrate their power as hardworking NRIs. On the other hand, they have a hard time accepting they are unable to attend to their loved ones or be present for their loved ones back in their home country or to be able to take care of their aged parents or to make excellent investment decisions for them and their families. The NRI service industry focuses on doing what the NRIs, themselves cannot achieve.

If you wonder what NRI service is all about and how could it be a solution to anything that the NRI community faces, then take a look at the different services that are designed to do anything and everything for the NRI community. There are five main categories of NRI services that are going to most popular this 2021.

They are:

- Property Management Services

- Household Management Services

- Financial Management Services

- Healthcare Assistance Services

- Concierge Services

Property Management Services

Property Management Services are designed to cater to anything and everything about the properties of NRIs back home in India. It focuses on real estate buying and selling of lands and buildings, which is a very popular form of NRI property management. However, this service extends to the management of leasing and renting needs of the NRIs here in India. It also includes offering a holistic service package that takes care of maintenance and repair of dark sites or vacant, unoccupied spaces and rental spaces, collecting monthly rent, listing properties, advertising the properties, and selecting the right tenants for the properties.

Property Management Services are offered in three categories:

- Dark Site Management Services

- Real Estate Investment Services

- Rental Assistance Services

Household Management Services

Household Management is a combination of services customized to help in the organization and maintenance of the family home of NRIs. It includes assisting in the daily and special events that would take place in their family here in India.

These services are executed under the instruction of their loved ones. These services include working with their family regularly to keep the home clean and neat, deliver groceries, serving home-cooked food, and assist in special events. This service is popular these days and is expected to grow in demand as more and more NRIs want to offer their loved ones the care they deserve. Household management is made easier with these services and helps the NRIs to rest assured with confidence as the needs of their loved ones; especially their parents are taken care of and attended to promptly.

Household management services are offered under different categories:

- Home Organization and Maintenance

- Renovation Services and Oversight

- Children’s Organizational Service

- Special Events Preparation

Financial Management

Financial management services focus on offering year-round financial protection and stability for NRIs and their families, even in the middle of a pandemic or any other possible economical disaster. Financial management helps them choose everything from making the right investment decisions, executing their financial interests in the right way to insuring their best assets and choosing the right way to retire in convenience and comfort, and availing hassle-free foreign exchange whenever they want to transfer money to their loved ones in India.

Financial management is offered in four main categories:

- Financial Advisory

- Insurance

- Retirement

- Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex)

Healthcare Assistance

Healthcare Assistance Services is witnessing huge demand and it is expected to grow even further in 2021 with the crisis caused by the pandemic. NRIs expect to get more intensified professional care for their aged parents and loved ones that require constant medical attention. Healthcare assistance offers caring services for sick, disabled, and terminally ill patients. These services focus on everything from conducting regular health checkups at home to reserving an appointment with the doctor and taking the patient for the appointment on the reserved date.

Healthcare management services include the following main services:

- Basic health assessment at home

- Home Healthcare visits

- Telephone follow-up

- Fixing Medical appointments

Concierge Services

A concierge service is a highly sought after service in the customer service industry. The need for this service keeps growing as we race to the next year 2021. The NRI community finds concierge services to be a huge helping hand in carrying out the mundane activities of their loved ones in India.

It focuses on the travel plans for the NRIs and their families in India. From arranging their yearly visits to India and arranging the travel of their loved ones from India to the respective countries where the NRIs live, to organizing family vacations and special events, concierge services attend to the travel needs of busy NRIs, year-round. It also includes passport, visa, and travel insurance services and is intended to save time and restore peace of mind to all NRIs.

The Concierge Services include the following categories:

- On-demand Services

- Travel Management

- Event Management

All the services mentioned in this blog post are not the only ones in the NRI services list. But these services are expected to grow in demand in 2021. Keep in touch with us to find more of the new services that will be added as part of the NRI services based upon the status of the NRI service industry.