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How Do NRIs Care for the Elderly in India?

How Do NRIs Care for the Elderly in India?

Though nothing in this world can alternate the availability of their NRI children at home, elderly parents of NRIs are living up to the reality of life, and look up to the following requirements that can be catered from abroad.

Health care:

This covers regular check-ups, house calls, in house nursing and special care as and when required. An emergency situation involving an elderly parent may not only send anxiety waves due to not being able to reach them out immediately because of living abroad, but it can create a sort of guilt felling as well. In certain extreme situations, none may even know of the emergency if the elderly is not able to give the alarm. It is difficult if you an NRI if there is nobody who can be trusted, and check in on their parent’s call, and respond in the case of any emergency.

Financial Security:

Adequate money for the senior citizens and not dependent upon the monthly fixed pensions is critical to leading a decent life. Ensuring that senior parents back home receive the best possible care is something everyone aspires. But if the quality of health care and treatment exceeds the monthly budget, it requires a meticulous level of planning lest NRI parents are not affected. Financial planning, in the form of insurance, can help keep aside resources in the case of a contingency, especially if the parents depend financially on their children living abroad. As per a report published by the Agewell Foundation, only 37.8 percent of the senior respondents cite they enjoyed financial independence. To sum things up, financial including Insurance, in addition to legal planning can support NRIs to pay for different services.


Include fellow senior citizens and other sources of engagement and entertainment on an ongoing basis. Other NRI services may include arranging tours and travel, passport renewal, visa and ticketing services. Services related to care for elderly parents in India is not complete without Reach NRI Services. Looking for affordable NRI parents care? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout.