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How to Take Care of Parents in India When You are Abroad?

How to Take Care of Parents in India When You are Abroad?

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Report, over 32 Million NRIs are living outside India. While moving abroad to power up your educational skills and enhance your career can be jaw-dropping.

Thinking of leaving your parents can be traumatizing. Sometimes, Depressing about this may stop you from Taking those bold steps which are crucial for your career. We have got your back!

In this article, you will find a few tips which can be helpful for caregiving your parents when you are distant from them.

1) Virtual Hugs

Parents may feel lonely when they miss you. The best way to make them feel supported is to spend time with them virtually. Thanks to digitalization, gadgets can make us feel connected no matter where we are. Schedule a time for the video call with your parents. Tell them about your life and listen to them. No matter how distant we are in physical terms, we can always bridge that gap with the heart-to-heart connection.

2) Make Them Feel Special

Write to them regularly through a text message or a letter. Send souvenirs to them from the country where you live. Surprise them by booking movie tickets or ordering a meal. Do a video call with them, When you are outside and make them enjoy the scenery. Book them yoga retreats and pilgrimage trips.

3) Select a Genuine Caretaker

Your parents can endure health issues when you are away from them. You cannot physically be with them during those times. Talk to your domestic helper, your neighbor and keep track of them regularly. If your parents are suffering from any disabilities, you can hire a home nurse to look after them. There are many Authentic Services for NRI parents in India who will assist you with home care and medical services.

4) Monitor Them Regularly

With the help of modern technologies, You can connect CCTV's of your home to your phone and monitor them. This way, you can make them feel safe, and you don't have to panic when they could not pick your phone calls. Keep contact numbers of neighbors, Hospitals, and nearby Police stations to contact in case of emergency.

Other Important Points to Remember:

1) Monitor their medical conditions regularly

2) Check on their diet

3) Check on their mental health

4) Do a virtual meditation session with them

5) Check if they are taking their tablets Regularly

6) Check if they need any help with paying their bills

7) Check on their Financial Health, Help them if possible.

Many Approved organizations offer secured NRI parent's care and NRI medical services. Distance doesn't matter when the souls are connected. Try to be emotionally available to them as much as possible.